About Two Minute Golf

Vin and Bob

TwoMinuteGolf.com is dedicated to every golfer who wants to get better.  Here at TwoMinuteGolf.com we can help you get there.

If you are currently shooting in the 100's, we can get you into the 90's.
If you are currently shooting in the 90's, we can get you into the 80's.
If you are currently shooting in the 80's, we know we can get you into the 70's.

And for those of you who are already shooting in the 70’s, it is our view that you are quite capable of breaking par on a fairly consistent basis.

With the right fundamentals, the right type of practice, and a little bit of good, old fashioned hard work, you can be playing the best golf of your life in no time!

Here are TwoMinuteGolf.com we are dedicated to helping YOU achieve this goal.

Our Founders:

Bob Lasken

Bob has been teaching professionally for more than twenty years. He has taught over 30 touring pros, hundreds of college players, and even more junior golfers. Plus, numerous club champions, top amateurs, and elite athletes from other sports.

Since 2009, he has been named to Golf Digest Magazine’s list of Top California instructors, and Southland Golf Magazine named him the best instructor in California in 2007.

Bob’s students have won on every major tour in the world, including the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationwide/web.com Tour, Champions Tour, and Japanese Tour. His students have also won numerous amateur events, college events, and AJGA junior events.

He also has the distinction of guiding two students to U.S. Junior Championships.

Prior to his teaching career, Bob had a storied playing career. He won numerous tournaments, including the California State Junior Championship, the California High School Championship at Pebble Beach, and the National High School Individual Championship in Kentucky. In college, Bob was an All America at UCLA and served as team captain for the squad that won the 1988 NCAA Championship. As a pro, Bob played on numerous tours throughout the world, notching over 20 professional wins. He won the Long Beach/Queen Mary Open in 1990, a tournament who’s list of prior winners includes many current and former PGA Tour stars, including Scott McCarron, Paul Goydos and Gary McCord.

Bob was one of the first instructors in the country to use video analysis extensively in his teaching. He uses video to help his students improve quickly and efficiently. Long time students fondly recall the days when they would leave a lesson from Bob with a VHS cassette tape of their lesson in hand.

Vinnie Brascia

Vinnie is the “The Golf Gear Guy” for the site.   If there's a club, accessory, gadget or tip that can help your game, the odds are pretty good that he's given it a try.

He’s played the game since he was a kid with varying levels of success in the amateur ranks. A true “fan” of the game, like many golf enthusiasts, he can tell you about every shot he’s ever hit, every hole he’s ever played, and every bad break he ever got! While he loves the fact that his new 460cc titanium driver allows him to hit the ball just as far as he ever did, he longs for the good old days of persimmon drivers and his old, Ben Hogan Apex II irons.

Vinnie embraces all things golf - from the history of the game and the professional tours, to modern equipment and the finer points of club tinkering. A self professed “golf geek,” Vinnie wears the label with pride.

You’ll learn a lot by following him in the months and years ahead.


Our site is also dedicated to our dads, Bob Lasken, Sr. and Vince Brascia, Sr - the men who introduced us to this wonderful game. They helped instill a passion in each of us for the sport, as well as an appreciation for the character and work ethic required to succeed at this game.

They are no longer with us, but their spirit and influence lives on through this site.